RegPak BioPharma Consulting is a consultancy service with a clear vision of the future. A consultancy that is adapting to new demands, business pressures and understands what clients need today and equally important, what they will need tomorrow.

We have recognized that the marketplace is changing, and we have analyzed what is shaping the industries we serve.

It is this approach that makes RegPak BioPharma Consulting such a distinctive and innovative force. It is what makes us 21st-century experts in all aspects from concept to market.


Creative Services - 12 years
Insights & Strategy - 10 years
Medical Devices - 8 years
Global Reach - 7 years

Management Insight

Pharmaceutical product development and getting a medicine approved and maintaining the license is a complex science and the challenges that EU, US, or other national regulations pose are often difficult to navigate. That is why you need real experts like us.

We can guarantee that every part of our services is provided by qualified and thoroughly vetted professionals. Quality matters. And there’s no cutting corners here. You can use our services anywhere in the world. It is in our capabilities to provide you with local consultancy and local experts in every region of the world.

We are happy to share your burden and help you achieve your goals together as a team.

Parminder Kaur

M.Sc. Biotech/ PGDBM: Founder and CEO



When you partner with us, you engage a team of experts, each with technical and industry specializations.


Delivery of cutting-edge services through open communication and transparent processes


Each of our local experts reports into a region-specific project manager that significantly reduces our client’s project management burden.


RegPak BioPharma Consulting’s core competence is its ability to apply increasingly complex best practice models, standards, and regulations in a manner that delivers significant value to its clients.